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What we bring to the table.

We are traditionalists. Perfectionists. Experts.

For we make butter the way it was intended to be – fresh, cultured, full of flavour and delicious. And most of all – to be enjoyed.

We are independent and we are small, but our impact is big. We are Tasmanian.

We produce small batch butter with cultured cream from local, well-fed and content cows. We churn, mix, salt, package each one by hand with methodical precision.

This is our labour of love, our ode to the savoury, the creamy, the mighty goodness of butter.

This is Tasmanian Butter Co.

The good stuff

Did you know that Olivia and Lili hand make every single batch, every single week?

Yep, the gals you buy it from at the market, the ones you converse with over email and the ones who package up your every order or deliver it to your local providore – that’s them. A team and a process that’s completely devoted to butter.

And guess what? Because it’s made fresh each week, we are reliant on the seasons for our special batches. For example, the past few weeks has seen truffles aplenty – which has resulted in your favourite truffle butter. But alas! Unfortunately this season is about to come to an end (and be replaced with something just as delish).