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Butter: the way it was intended

Fresh, cultured, full and delicious.
But mostly, to be enjoyed.

We are independent and we are small, but our impact is big.
We are Tasmanian.

Small batch butter that’s cultured slowly using traditional methods, then churned, hand-worked and salted to perfection.

This is our labour of love, our ode to the savoury, the creamy, the mighty goodness of butter.

This is Tasmanian Butter Co.

Over 14,600 sold

Christmas Blend

Our Christmas Blend is essentially our cultured butter blended with Hellyers Road Single Malt Pinot Noir Finish Whisky.

That’s Whisky that’s been aged in American Oak (ex-bourbon), finished in French Oak (ex-pinot-noir) and which ultimately gives our butter a tantalising and very unique point of difference.

If you love butter (and we’re guessing you do… because you’re on our website), you’ll fall head over heels for this one.

That’s because the Whisky we’re using is no laughing matter. It won a place in the World’s Ten Best Value Whiskies in 2015. And some would even go as far as saying:

‘The nose is immediately drawn to crisp summer citrus, lemon and orange that obediently withdraws on the palate to manifest a sweet, gentle layer of pepper and spice – a persuasion of the red wine cameo. Burnt blackberry sauce lingers in the aftertaste foreclosing a treasured confusion of the senses.’

But in case you needed any more convincing, it has a touch of raw sugar in it too.

Warm up your serving dishes because here’s where we recommend using it:

  • Fruit toast
  • Christmas pudding
  • Porridge
  • Warm Christmas mince pies
  • On top of hot Pancakes.
  • Or in chocolate chip biccies

Cultured Butter

We produce small batch cultured butter with cream from local, well-fed and content cows.

We culture the cream slowly using traditional methods churn, mix, salt, package each one by hand with methodical precision.

This is our labour of love, our ode to the savoury, the creamy, the mighty goodness of butter.


Our traditional buttermilk is produced during the butter making process.

After our cultured cream is churned into butter, we are left with beautiful, tangy, delectable buttermilk. The lactic bacteria we use to culture the cream lives on in the buttermilk which creates its unique taste and aroma.

You can tell it’s the real stuff, too – because it’s unfiltered, it may have floaty butter bits in it. Yep, no complaints here!